New book coming in 2019


Grant and Mike are currently working on their next picture book, which takes readers on a hair-raising adventure in the Himalayas.

Like Rhino Trouble, this story was inspired by Grant's travels in Nepal. He's using this new book to raise awareness of the challenges facing the children of Nepal. And he'll be donating every penny he makes from book sales to The Umbrella Foundation.

The book will be available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other booksellers. Watch for updates as this new story comes to life!


Get into Rhino Trouble today!

Rhino Trouble is now available for purchase. Experience the adventure as two boys in the jungles of Nepal square off against a pack of rowdy rhinos. Can they outsmart the rhinos and save their village?

Your purchase helps make a difference

Grant donates 100% of his proceeds from Rhino Trouble to The Umbrella Foundation, an international charity based in Nepal. ​The Umbrella Foundation partners with the government’s Child Welfare Board to rescue abused and neglected children from corrupt orphanages.

To learn more about The Umbrella Foundation's life-changing work, visit