Step 1: String bungee cord between two telephone poles.

Step 2: Attach person to bungee cord.

Step 3: Pull bungee cord back until taut.

Step 4: Release.

I was part of the crew that pulled off this ridiculous video. I’d always wanted to experiment with something viral, so it was awesome to watch the video rack up millions of views and be featured by Good Morning America, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated.

Here's another project from this same video partnership. Jane Petty is 96 years old and can still do the splits. Her dance troupe has performed in arenas around the globe, and Jane even showed off her geriatric dancing skills to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

I contributed to the soundtrack for this charming tribute to Jane, with my band recording a cover version of the M.I.A song “Paper Planes.” We felt the lyrics “I fly like paper, get high like planes” applied perfectly to an ageless lady who still sizzles like a firecracker.